All Saints church is for everyone in the community. We are now seeking comments from everyone in Wokingham and indeed anyone who may be interested in our plans. Click here to email your comments.

The consultation to date:

Our plans have had input from many people, starting with All Saints' Mission Action Plan, which was developed with the church congregation, through prayer, workshops and survey.

To compile the brief for the architect, we held further workshops. Acanthus Clews then presented four options for display in church and discussion with Historic England, the Borough Conservation Officer, and the Diocesan Advisory Committee.

In a formal survey of the congregation, we had 154 responses and the majority said:

  • we should remove the pews for added flexibility
  • better accessibility was essential
  • galleries were not an option in our church.

Full results of the survey and comments were widely reported.

To refine our Statement of Need we consulted further with church and other groups and found them all supportive, particularly of the need for basic facilities like a kitchen and toilets. See more here.

We are now discussing the latest draft with conservation and church bodies, groups and individuals, starting with our launch of the current plan on 21st June.


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Summary of the input from groups
Groups Summary
Survey of congregation's views on the options
Responses to the survey
Survey of congregation's views on the options & comments
Responses to the survey COMMENTS ONLY